When Is Having A Nose Lift A Good Idea?

Rhinoplasty is a popular form of cosmetic surgery which has been made popular by celebrities. The nose lift can also be a good alternative to problems where the nasal cartilage has broken down, or when the nasal passages are blocked by excess tissue. The operation is relatively simple, and in some cases can be done under local anaesthetic, but like all operations, it is not for everyone. This means that it can sometimes be a difficult task to decide whether to have the operation or not. In order to be sure that the time is right for a nose job, it is a good idea for the prospective patient to consider whether they really need the operation.

Nose Lift Candidates

Many surgeons believe that it is a good idea to have some kind of operation on the nose when there is significant nasal deformity, including large humps on the bridge of the nose, with flattened tips and excessively wide bases. In addition, these deformities may include other kinds of problems, such as breathing difficulties and sinus blockages. When a patient presents with these conditions, having an operation is probably the best option available, and will ensure that the patient is able to benefit from the surgery. Patients who have recently broken the nose, or who need it fixing after the nasal skeleton has set incorrectly, may benefit from the surgery. Patients who have suffered trauma due to accidents or sports injury will also be eligible for a rhinoplasty operation.

Another good candidate for a rhinoplasty operation is a patient who suffers from depression and anxiety due to a belief that their nose is somehow unattractive. Women who have noses that are very large may feel that their appearance is negatively impacted by the size of the nose. Men who have particularly prominent bridges, known as Roman, may also require cosmetic surgery in order to correct the size of the nose. There are also other areas of the nose which might require operations in order to correct unattractive elements, particularly the tip of the nose. This is a prime candidate for corrective surgery.

In addition to being eligible for an operation, surgeons also usually look for a patient who has fully prepared for the changes that a nose lift will bring. The patient may have done research on the type of rhinoplasty that they want, including showing the surgeon photographs of people with the shape of nose that the patient desires. As well as being committed to the initial operation, which can take a long time and may involve general anaesthetic, the person looking for a change in their nasal appearance should also be prepared to accept that their nose will be swollen and uncomfortable for several weeks, and the final appearance of the nose will not be visible for several months. Unless the patient is aware of this and is prepared to accept it, this can be a traumatic change for them.

Most of the candidates for nasal surgery will also be between the ages of 18 and 60 years old. Young people may find that they need to wait before they are able to have a rhinoplasty procedure, as this gives them time to ‘grow into’ their face, or at least become more accepting of their appearance. The standard age for this operation is still quite young, usually in the mid-twenties and early thirties, and this is perhaps the right time to make significant changes to a person’s appearance. Older people having rhinoplasty usually have suffered a traumatic injury, or are looking to correct the appearance of a previously injured nose.

All of the circumstances which go towards making the rhinoplasty surgery right for a particular person need to combine during the operation. Most professional surgeons will not want to operate if they do not feel that the time is right, and may not want to perform surgery on people if they do not have the right mindset. What this means is that anyone hoping to have a nose lift must be clear in their own minds about whether a rhinoplasty is the right step for them before they seek a consultation with a surgeon.

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