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Everybody likes tasty food. Unfortunately, most of really tasty dishes contain large quantities of fats which means you have to pay for your surfeit sooner or later. Most of fats incoming to our organism affect its work in a negative way.

Of course, firstly it affects the figure which becomes lardy. But external look is not the worst thing. Much worse is that consumption of much fats leads to increase of the level of cholesterol and other harmful products in blood. Result of this increase can be very bad, as cholesterol is the construction material for formation of plaques – convex deposits on smooth internal walls of vessels. If such plaques appear in vessels, the risk of development of angina and even myocardial infarction is increased. Plaques in brain vessels may become the reason for stroke. And they bring nothing good to any other vessel, because less oxygen and nutrients go into tissues because of narrowing of the vessel, which causes disturbances in their work.

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What can be done to avoid such troubles? It is not always the solution to eat less fat food, as not every person has the will to control nutrition and refuse from favorite dishes, to say nothing of starting a really strict diet.

Xenical (Orlistat)

Not very long ago, pharmacologists found the solution having created the drug which allows to control penetration of fats into the blood on the level of the intestines. This wonderful drug is called Xenical.

The basis of Xenical is orlistat which is capable of decreasing the amount of fats incoming to the organism from the intestines. This process occurs with Xenical blocking a certain enzyme, a substance responsible for decomposition of large molecules of fat. Smaller particles can be absorbed by blood, while larger ones cannot. As a matter of fact, Xenical does not actually decompose fats, they only come into blood in minute quantity.

Where the excessive fats go to? They are just moved out of the intestines in a natural way. This, in its turn, causes increasing of amount of dejections per day, which also favors quick weight reduction. Xenical is particularly useful for persons suffering with astrictions.

As the organism does not receive fats with food, it has to take them from its own reserves. So, body weight during regular intake of the drug is decreased slowly but surely. Small body weight reduction rate is far safer for health than rapid one. Besides, in this case the risk of repeated body weight gain is less.

However, this is not the only positive effect of Xenical. Its intake favors decreasing of the amount of “harmful fats”, in particular, cholesterol, in blood. This is very important for prevention of atherosclerosis and diseases caused by it, in particular, strokes and myocardial infarction. People suffering from hypertension or increased level of sugar in blood observe this parameters normalized significantly.

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One more advantage of Xenical is in the fact that it acts exclusively in the intestines. It is not absorbed by blood and does not affect inner organs, in particular, the kidneys and the liver.

Xenical is made in capsules by 120 mg of the drug. There can be 21, 42 or 84 capsules in a pack. Xenical should be taken three times a day not later than one hour after meal. If little fat was contained in a meal, intake of one capsule may be omitted.

Xenical causes gradual decrease of body weight and normalization of metabolism in organism. For its action to be oven faster, it is better to limit the amount of fats coming to the organism together with Xenical treatment. This will allow increasing weight reduction rate and fixing the result reliably. Nevertheless, Xenical will help and without any diet as well.

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Xenical is an opportunity to bring the lardy figure back to the norm. The safe and efficient drug guarantees success. Gradually, during the course of taking the drug, you will observe your weight and figure becoming normal, and your doctor will confirm improvement of some blood parameters. Xenical is the chance to look and feel 100% well. 

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